Client List

R. H. Chandler Co. has worked with the following clients on the projects indicated since 2003.

Global Photonics/Laser Manufacturer: Organizational study regarding the integration of a major acquisition. Led to a re-structuring of operations and corporate services in order to reduce expense, increase accountability and improve entrepreneurial performance.

Hearing Aid Manufacturer/Distributor: Comprehensive strategic consulting engagement leading to introduction of new business processes, formal  management incentive plan, management development sessions and equity structure re-capitalization.

International Footwear Manufacturer: Strategic planning offsite meeting; management team building; installation of professional management systems, general consulting

Residential Property Management Roll-up: Assistance in formulating business strategy, financing plan, capital structure and acquisition plan.

Custom Textbook Publisher: Strategic planning, transition to professional management systems, re-orientation of growth strategy.

Southern California Commercial Bank: Training workshop for loan officers in techniques of effective negotiation

Cosmetic Surgery Center: General consulting on strategy, structure, staffing, financial reporting and management processes

Consumer Co-op Merchant Rewards Program: Business plan development, fundraising and capital structure advice

Insurance Agency: Evaluation of new strategic direction built around alternative investment opportunity

Website Start-up in Healthcare Services: Counseling on development of appropriate revenue model

Injection Molding Company: Acquisition and negotiation strategy; analytical model building

Security Sensor Technology Company: Business plan formulation, fund raising presentation

Consumer Therapeutic Mattress Start-up: Product positioning and distribution strategy

Social Network Website Start-up: Revenue model, business plan and fund raising strategy

Equine Stress Testing Technology Start-up: Intellectual property protection, launch strategy, general consulting.

Medical Imaging Device Company: Acquisition strategy and analysis, financing plan.