New Venture Financing

Starting a new venture requires entrepreneurs to become instant experts in many areas that may be quite foreign to them: What should be the first steps in launching a new business? When is it time to incorporate and issue stock? What is the best corporate form (C Corp, S Corp, LLC, proprietorship)? How should the new company be financed? Where should you go to raise money? Who should be issued founders stock, at what share price?

Chandler has launched three venture funded businesses himself, while helping to finance others through private equity funds and angel investments. He has also worked with many fledgling entrepreneurs, including clients, friends and former students. Entrepreneurs typically have developed a zealous belief in their own idea that unconsciously screens out any negative information. One of the benefits of turning to an outsider for help is to get candid feedback and avoid going down blind alleys. Realism may not always be pleasant, but it can save lots of time and money while improving greatly the odds for ultimate success. Some of the areas where Chandler’s help can be especially useful:

  • Developing a sound business model
  • Refining your value proposition
  • Determining the best corporate form
  • Putting together a financing strategy and investor presentation
  • Preparing a professional business plan
  • Allocating founders stock
  • Assembling a management team
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Developing operational priorities and launching the business
  • Allocating scarce capital and husbanding cash
  • Installing some basic management processes

Chandler has worked with numerous clients in a start-up mode, helping them to prioritize their efforts. His first meeting is free, after which—if a continued relationship is desired—appropriate financial arrangements can be worked out.