Mergers & Acquisitions

Should your company embark on an aggressive acquisition program? Is your industry primed for a roll up of local businesses into a major national player benefiting from scale economies in sourcing, production, sales or marketing? Acquisitions and divestitures are infrequent, high leverage decisions that can benefit greatly from bringing in outside expertise. Dick Chandler has negotiated and executed over one hundred M&A transactions in his 35 year business career, first in a corporate development role for large companies and later as a CEO of his own companies. Building on this experience, he can assist clients in their acquisition programs in these areas:

  • Formulating an acquisition strategy
  • Identifying target companies
  • Financial modeling of target acquisitions with multiple pricing scenarios
  • Negotiating the price and terms
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Resolving legal and financing issues
  • Closing the transaction and integrating the business

Chandler has developed proprietary spreadsheets for modeling acquisitions and performing sensitivity analysis as different variables are flexed (e.g., growth rate, profit margins, cash requirements, financing cost). His experience in negotiating and structuring deals makes him a valuable addition to any M&A team. In this area, a few creative ideas or insights can make all the difference in reaching a successful conclusion. His greatest value may be as an objective sounding board, providing a client with a perspective he may not like but should definitely hear. We can evaluate acquisitions or other new business opportunities with a fresh eye, providing a thorough operational and financial analysis. We can also add tremendous value in assisting an owner in the sale of a business or product line.

Where a client has an established relationship with an M&A investment banking firm, or would benefit from one, Chandler will work as an impartial advisor to the business owner or entrepreneur in moving through the acquisition or sale process. In such a high leverage area, there can be great value in getting objective advice when it comes to negotiating price and terms and making a final decision whether or not to proceed.