Global Competitive Strategy

In today’s world, all business strategies should have a global perspective. This course will look at the challenge of formulating and implementing a successful strategy that is attuned to the realities of global competition. How does a domestic company broaden its reach to address global markets? How can global sourcing of materials, components, products and/or services improve its competitive position? How can you protect your intellectual property (IP) on a cost effective basis in advance of moving overseas? How should a company protect itself from foreign exchange risk when expanding abroad?

In this course, we will address a different global strategy topic each week, such as: global business models, expanding into overseas markets, corporate organization and structure, global sourcing, people and culture issues, foreign exchange risks, patent and trademark protection, international tax issues, strategic alliances and global M&A. Each week there will be relevant readings and a case discussion on a business that has confronted the topic under consideration. Outside speakers with real world experience will add to our learning.

In many industries, global markets offer low hanging fruit where American technology and business models can be applied effectively to earn superior returns. After this course, students should have the knowledge and confidence to lead their firm’s efforts into becoming a more global company.