CEO Leadership: The Practice of General Management

This capstone business strategy course is designed to confront students with practical, real world challenges that CEOs and general managers must face in today’s fast changing business environment. A more descriptive course title would be “How to Lead Organizations”. The course will begin with a discussion of the unique challenges and responsibilities of the CEO and general manager that are different from lower level functional positions. We will then move to these related topics:

  • Taking command: effective tactics for the first ninety days of assuming leadership of a new division or organization;
  • Defining a corporate vision: includes company mission, values, strategic intent, financial goals, competitive strategy;
  • Strategic innovation:, how to accelerate top line growth through new product development and business process improvement;
  • Managing execution: how to measure performance and drive performance improvement in any business setting;
  • Managing people and corporate culture: molding a team of outstanding individuals into an energized learning organization;
  • Growth through mergers and acquisitions: a primer on how to identify, value and acquire target companies.
  • Crisis management: meeting the challenges that threaten survival of the leader and organization
  • Expanding globally: how to achieve growth and improve profitability by extending the geographic reach of the business;

While the course covers topics specific to the general manager or CEO, woven throughout will be personal leadership lessons that can help middle managers deliver improved departmental results while accelerating their career advancement.