Business Dynamics

Business Dynamics is an advanced business strategy course designed to confront students with practical, real world challenges that senior managers and CEOs often must face in today’s fast changing business environment. We will examine the destabilizing threats that arise when a company’s profits plummet or its products are undermined by disruptive new technologies. We will learn how to accelerate top line growth through new product development, business process improvement, joint ventures and acquisitions. We will discuss some universal approaches to measuring business unit performance and driving profit improvement that can be applied beneficially in any business setting. We will study the role of the CEO or business owner in creating a learning organization, building a positive corporate culture, driving global expansion, meeting the expectations of Wall Street, or piloting a firm through a crisis that threatens the company’s survival.  Woven throughout the course will be lessons of personal leadership that can help all managers deliver improved departmental results while accelerating their career advancement.

This will be a rigorous, challenging course in organizational leadership focusing on the world of the senior manager, where major decisions must often be made with inadequate time and information.  When faced with such uncertainties, a reliance on fundamentally sound principles, supported by key facts empirically generated, can become the best roadmap for successful decision making. We will be studying and refining such principles in class while encouraging you to challenge them through free-wheeling discussion and brainstorming. The course will move fast, covering a range of topics that fall under the heading of business dynamics but always with a central focus: How companies can best adapt to our fast changing environment.