Strategy Consulting

Richard H. Chandler formed his management consulting company in 2003 in order to assist CEOs and business owners as they wrestle with their most critical challenges—charting new strategies, meeting competitive threats, upgrading management practices, acquiring businesses, restructuring operations, invigorating their organizational culture or selling their business. These major, non-routine decisions come up so infrequently that the CEO or owner may have little experience with them or lack the time for a proper, in-depth study. For these high leverage issues, it makes sense to seek objective advice from someone who has been there before.

Dick Chandler has been both a student and practitioner of the best management practices being employed by leading companies. He draws upon 35 years of management experience, including 23 years as a CEO, followed by thirteen years as a professor of strategy and management at two leading universities. After beginning his career with two Fortune 500 companies, Chandler has led three venture funded deals–one management buy-out and two start-ups. He took one of these public, Sunrise Medical, a medical device manufacturer listed on the New York Stock Exchange which he ran for 16 years. Building on this rich foundation of experience, he can assist clients in a variety of ways, particularly with cross functional issues that require a broad management perspective. Unlike the major international consulting firms where lower level people perform the field research, Chandler personally interviews key people (usually a diagonal slice to get perspectives from different functions and levels) to gain insights into the client’s situation. Very often, the best ideas already lie somewhere within the organization, but they may simply be weak signals that need amplification. This personal engagement saves the client money by bringing a practical, common sense approach to solving vexing problems.

R. H. Chandler Co. is particularly qualified to help companies meet challenges that require these areas of expertise, bringing in domain and functional experts as needed to supplement the team:

Chandler has had extensive experience in each of these areas, both as an operating executive and management consultant. His industry experience has spanned healthcare, technology, consumer products, manufacturing, apparel and retailing.

Chandler also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of California, Irvine and the University of Montana in Missoula teaching graduate level MBA courses in business strategy, CEO leadership, new venture management, mergers and acquisitions, business dynamics, global competitive strategy and managing technology and innovation.